Company independent research and development of duplex metal straight welding clad plate is widely applicable for oil, gas transportation, rejection of oil flied effluent and ocean oil, gas development pipe project in the strong corrosion and acidity. It is also applicable in various condensers, oil refining, high temperature condenser industry.

Material of duplex metal clad pipe is our own clad plate, through a complex process, harness different welding material with specific welding machine and welding method and applicable heat treatment, NDE, pressure test, surface treatment etc and then come out with final product.

This manufacture process is the first time usage in domestic, this process is company independent research and development brand new technical product, which has the great anti-corrosion and mechanical properties with great economical value of saving rare non-ferrous metal and expense. Company certified with first manufacture license of manufacturing duplex metal straight clad pipe in china and advanced in the world.    

Duplex metal straight welding clad pipe is honored with National and Sichuan province “the 12th 5 year plan” strategic critical production.