Sichuan Jinglei Pressure vessels manufacture Co.,Ltd designs and manufacture pressure vessels for petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, Chlor-Alkali Chemical industry, salt manufacture industry etc, the products include tower, heat exchanger etc. Manufacturing capacity is 30,000 Ton per year.

Company certified with Class I, II,III design and manufacture qualification. We considerate quality as our primary goal in the business, we have complete quality control system for both clad plate manufacture and pressure vessel manufacture. NDE is extensively used in production quality examination.

Company manufactured a lots of heat exchangers and evaporators for vacuum salt making, co-production of salt and glaubers salt with capacity from 60 ton to 120 ton per year; manufactured 60 ton per year oxidation asphalt reliever, Amine liquid activated carbon filter and high pressure flash drum etc for CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC and coal chemical industry.

Our products and projects widely spread all over the country and exported to south Asia and middle Asia such as LAOS, Turkmenistan.